Peter O’Donnell

Founder and President, Healthy Futures Group

Peter O’Donnell is a senior consultant with over 35 years’ experience in management and consulting, in higher education, ministry, and the non-profit sector, both in Canada and overseas.

He also served for more than a decade in senior leadership roles with Youth for Christ/Canada and YFC International (including a three-year assignment with the World Headquarters in Singapore.) The two main responsibilities of Peter’s work with YFC, both in Canada and abroad, were leadership development, and facilitating strategic thinking about ministry. In his international role, he took special interest in identifying innovative approaches to reaching at-risk youth, and disseminating these programs and tools throughout YFC’s 50+ national programs around the world.

Peter’s focus is on leading organizational and system change, creating learning organizations, and developing leadership capacity. Peter has authored numerous articles for both Christian and secular leadership journals, and is a frequent presenter at conferences and workshops in Canada and abroad.

Peter has led the development of several major leadership curricula, including the acclaimed DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative. He also led the design process for two other DeVos Foundations training programs, Leading Community Based Ministry, and the Family Leadership Initiative.

Peter’s education includes a B.A. in Economics and Psychology from McMaster University and a Masters in Religious Education (Leadership Development focus) from McMaster Divinity College (also in Hamilton.)

Peter is married, with three grown daughters and six growing grandchildren. He currently resides in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and worships at The Meeting House.